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Re: Installing debian

On 19 Jan 2001, Stephen Zander wrote:

> >>>>> "mapm" == Mario Martins <M> writes:
>     mapm> Does anyone know if I can install debian on a SparcStation 5
>     mapm> model 170?
> Yes, debian will install just fine.
> You may experience issues with the linux kernel on this hardware,
> however (lockups, kernel oops etc).  I successfully ran Debian on this
> platforms for over 6 months.  Others have not had the same
> success. YMMV.

I have trouble with my SS5es whenever there's more then one device on the
SCSI chain and a 2.2.x kernel is running. Well, to be precise, when the
second device is talked to all kinds of horrible error messages start
coming up about the first device, and everything keels over.

I found I had to disconnect the CDROM and external drive, install potato
via net, compile a 2.4.0 kernel, and then bring the CDROM and external
drive into the party. But that done, everything is running fine.

 Matt Lowry      ( mclowry@cs.adelaide.edu.au )
I am easily distracted by shiny objects.
  -- The Tick

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