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problem in setting up X on an SS5

hello everybody, and happy new year !

<INTRODUCTION importance="you can skip that, the problem is further"> 
As this is my first post here, I introduce myself :
I am Feth AREZKI, very enthousiastic 24 y old french linux "amateur" (yes I
do spy people touching their laptop in the toilets !).
Although at work, we use to deal with MS-Windows only based environnements
('hope outlook causes no trouble to you, or send your remarks and advices to
fearezki@euriware.fr), I could not use anything else but debian at home,
because of their spirit or because I don't know of better ones ;-)
Let me say I approve our client's switching from a partial unix
environnement to a totally MS-Windows one,
as I recently got a sparc station 5 for free, and will in little time
receive another one ;-)
I am completely new to non i386 achitecture and I am very happy that, with
some work (installing from network is not that easy...), everything worked
BTW : does it exist a "step by step" guide to installing Debian and other
dists through tftp / nfs ? (out of the HOWTO). If not, I am ready to write
it and post it where usefull.

Everything ? almost everything.
I am lost with X.
oh yes, X applications work fine on other machine's displays (using the
--display option, or the DISPLAY variable or anything else)
First thing I did was compiling my own kernel with support for my SBUS card
and the framebuffer , wich works (I can see the nice penguin in the upper
left corner -note that I already could see it with the original kernel given
by debian).

But when I launch the X server as root, the screen becomes empty and rose
(as for the openbios).
-I suppose this is because of something unsupported. I got a sun 20" screen,
but don't they all have the same frequencies supported ?
after a few seconds, I am still able to come back to the initial console
(using the well known Alt-Fx)

I am not sure of what server to use (I choosed xsun because other people did
before me) and I am not sure it really matters (tell me ?)

I also stole someone else's X configuration (/etc/X11) wich produces exactly
the same errors that I get.
I have backed up my own config to be sure. Nothing changes but an error font
that I don't own.

Main errors are :

Something with the mouse (I am going to write that down tonight and post it
tomorrow morning if necessary, I mean tonight CET)
Can't initialize core devices.

How to help me :

If you know exactly of my problem, I'd be so glad you helped me ! Yes,
dreams are my reality... ;-)
If you don't exactly know, but you know of a diagnostic or configuration
tool designed for sun's hardware, that should be enough to save me !

Anyway, thanks for reading !

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