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Adding support for LZIP to dpkg, using that instead of xz, archive wide Re: Adding support for LZIP to dpkg, using that instead of xz, archive wide Re: Allowing both cross building and using an alternative compiler Re: ANN: whalebuilder - Debian package builder using Docker Bug#743792: ITP: treesheets - Data organizer that can emulate spreadsheets, mind mappers, and small databases Bug#765953: Wifi issues. Firmware package not fixed in testing release Re: Bug#786902: O: ifupdown -- high level tools to configure network interfaces Bug#787239: general: After upgrade from Wheezy to Jessie PC hang on reboot Bug#787239: Too little specific information in bug report Bug#787412: ITP: weightwatcher -- Combine maps and polygon data for astronomical image processing Bug#787470: ITP: mGBA - Game Boy Advance emulator Bug#787482: ITP: sachesi -- BlackBerry 10 device utility Bug#787541: ITP: gns3-converter -- GNS3 topology converter Bug#787571: How about transferring /etc/mime.types from mime-support to base-files. Bug#787706: ITP: montage -- Toolkit for assembling FITS images into mosaics Bug#787733: ITP: networking-cisco -- OpenStack virtual network service - Cisco plugin Bug#787739: ITP: plip -- fully automated protein-ligand interaction profiler Bug#787770: ITP: w1retap -- Data logger for 1-Wire weather sensors Bug#787854: ITP: dm-writeboost -- log-structured caching for Linux Bug#787889: Acknowledgement (general: USB keyboard stops working after a few seconds due to USB suspend) Bug#787889: general: USB keyboard stops working after a few seconds due to USB suspend Bug#787898: ITP: fonts-pt -- PT (Public Type) fonts are free TrueType cyrillic fonts Bug#787953: ITP: insubstantial -- Swing libraries (flamingo/substance/trident) Bug#787977: ITP: smrtanalysis -- software suite for single molecule, real-time sequencing Bug#787981: ITP: python-pbcore -- Python library for processing Pacific Biosciences data, files Bug#787982: ITP: python-pbh5tools -- tools for manipulating HDF5 files produced by, Pacific Biosciences sequencing instruments Bug#787991: ITP: gmt-dcw -- Digital Chart of the World (DCW) for GMT Bug#787994: ITP: gmt-gshhg -- Global Self-consistent Hierarchical High-resolution Geography (GSHHG) Bug#788075: ITP: deken -- minimal package management system for Pure Data externals Bug#788076: RFP: gtk3-nocsd -- LD_PRELOADable library to disable GTK+ 3 client side decoration Bug#788104: ITP: lfdk -- Linux Firmware Debug Kit - a tool to help debug PCI, IO and memory spaces Bug#788186: ITP: kryo-serializers -- Kryo serializers Bug#788206: ITP: dodgy -- checks Python code for suspicious things Bug#788208: ITP: python-requirements-detector -- find and list requirements of a Python project Bug#788212: ITP: python-setoptconf -- retrieve program settings from various sources Bug#788222: ITP: vulture -- scanner for unused Python code Bug#788224: ITP: python-cobra -- constraint-based modeling of biological networks Bug#788327: ITP: swiftlang -- Multi-paradigm, compiled programming language Bug#788332: ITP: xfdashboard -- GNOME shell like dashboard for Xfce Bug#788415: ITP: golang-github-jacobsa-oglematchers -- matchers for testing/mocking frameworks such as ogletest Bug#788436: ITP: zuul -- Trunk gating system Bug#788453: ITP: python-ceilometermiddleware -- OpenStack Telemetry middleware for generating metrics Bug#788539: ITP: caffe -- a deep learning framework Bug#788560: ITP: sfcgal -- Library for ISO 19107:2013 and OGC Simple Features 1.2 for 3D operations Bug#788563: ITP: libhttp-headers-fast-perl -- faster implementation of HTTP::Headers Bug#788633: ITP: ruby-rotp -- Ruby library for generating and verifying one time passwords Bug#788794: ITP: python-suds-jurko -- lightweight SOAP client (Jurko's fork) Bug#788810: ITP: open2300 -- Reads data from a Lacrosse Weather Station Bug#788814: ITP: cylc -- Workflow scheduler for meteorology Bug#788817: ITP: fcm -- Flexible Configuration Manager Bug#788826: ITP: idlastro -- Low-level astronomy software for GDL Bug#788836: ITP: wmsun -- Dockable WindowMaker SunRise/SunSet App Bug#788869: ITP: mpfit -- Robust non-linear least squares curve fitting for GDL Bug#788872: ITP: ruby-nokogumbo -- Nokogiri interface to the Gumbo HTML5 parser Bug#788914: ITP: ocropy -- Python OCR engine using recurrent neural networks Bug#788918: ITP: python-rencode -- Python encoding library similar to bittorrent's bencode Bug#789002: ITP: scala-xml -- Standard Scala XML library Bug#789041: ITP: lqa -- LAVA QA Tool Bug#789043: ITP: egctl -- control state of EnerGenie Programmable surge protector Bug#789061: ITP: scala-parser-combinators -- Scala Standard Parser Combinator Library Bug #789081: ITP: coyote -- GDL library from D.Fannings IDL courses Bug#789171: ITP: libxmlbird -- XML parser written in Vala Re: Bug#789256: cmus: Pulls in unwanted and potentially dangerous DECnet packages through libroar2 Bug#789284: ITP: libcmtspeechdata -- library for handling the Nokia N900's modem speech data Bug#789288: ITP: duc -- A collection of tools for indexing, inspecting and visualizing disk usage Bug#789304: ITP: libfilesys-virtual-perl -- Perl framework for a virtual filesystem Bug#789305: ITP: libfilesys-virtual-plain-perl -- plain virtual filesystem Bug#789307: ITP: libfile-find-rule-filesys-virtual-perl -- File::Find::Rule adapted to Filesys::Virtual Bug#789378: ITP: blkreplay -- block device testing and benchmarking toolkit Bug#789392: general: fails to show dual screens on startup Bug#789392: marked as done (general: fails to show dual screens on startup) Bug#789432: ITP: coq-highschoolgeometry -- coq library for high school geometry proofs/formalisation Bug#789440: ITP: fso-audiod -- Audio daemon Bug#789461: ITP: runescape -- Complete quests and win enormous treasures in RuneScape Bug#789601: ITP: python-os-brick -- Library for managing local volume attaches Bug#789613: ITP: python-os-testr -- Utility wrappers for testrepository for OpenStack projects Bug#789622: ITP: netcdf-cxx-legacy -- legacy NetCDF C++ interface Bug#789660: ITP: manila -- OpenStack shared file system service Bug#789679: ITP: apache-directory-api -- Apache Directory LDAP API Bug#789707: ITP: sickle -- windowed adaptive trimming tool for FASTQ files using quality Bug#789711: ITP: python-django-oauth-toolkit -- OAuth2 capabilities for Django projects Bug#789717: ITP: pyregion -- python module to parse ds9 region files Bug#789755: ITP: django-fsm -- Django friendly finite state machine support Bug#789780: ITP: python-pyperclip -- Module for copy and paste clipboard functions Bug#789781: ITP: python-hpack -- Pure-Python HTTP/2 header encoding (HPACK) Bug#789863: ITP: mavibot -- Apache Mavibot - MVCC BTree Java Implementation Bug#789877: ITP: ruby-maven -- ruby wrapper around maven Bug#789918: ITP: python-monotonic -- implementation of time.monotonic() Bug#789920: ITP: python-oslo.service -- library for running OpenStack services Bug#789921: ITP: ecopcr -- estimate PCR barcode primers quality Bug#789938: ITP: microbegps -- explorative taxonomic profiling tool for metagenomic data Bug#789948: ITP: apache-directory-jdbm -- JDBM implementation for Apache Directory Server Bug#789974: ITP: gst-plugins-espeak -- GStreamer plugin for eSpeak speech synthesis Bug#790030: ITP: jersey1 -- RESTful Web Services in Java Bug#790031: ITP: fcitx-zhuyin -- Fcitx wrapper for Zhuyin library Bug#790144: ITP: mistral -- OpenStack Workflow service Bug#790343: ITP: lua-udev -- udev library for the Lua language Bug#790373: ITP: ruby-logger-application -- add logging support to Ruby applications Bug#790399: ITP: structlog -- tructured Logging for Python Bug#790400: ITP: netstress -- utility designed to stress and benchmark network activity Bug#790408: ITP: python-dendropy -- DendroPy Phylogenetic Computing Library Bug#790411: ITP: python-manilaclient -- OpenStack shared file system as a service - Python client Bug#790419: ITP: ruby-delayed-job-active-record -- ActiveRecord backend for DelayedJob Bug#790424: ITP: puppet-module-saz-ssh -- Manage SSH client and server via Puppet Bug#790425: ITP: manila-ui -- OpenStack shared file system as a service - Dashboard plugin Bug#790427: ITP: puppet-module-saz-locales -- Manage locales on Linux Bug#790430: ITP: puppet-module-rgevaert-saslauthd -- Manage saslauthd on Debian like systems Bug#790447: ITP: ujson -- ultra fast JSON encoder and decoder for Python Bug#790476: ITP: ruby-torquebox-no-op -- emulate TorqueBox APIs outside of TorqueBox Bug#790485: ITP: ruby-omniauth-kerberos -- OmniAuth strategy for Kerberos Bug#790504: ITP: sortedcontainers -- sorted container types: SortedList, SortedDict, and SortedSet Bug#790563: ITP: python-ijson -- event-driven JSON parser Bug#790567: ITP: django-fsm-admin -- django-fsm state transitions for Django admin Bug#790611: ITP: python-grip -- Grip -- GitHub Readme Instant Preview Bug#790612: ITP: python-path-and-address -- Functions for server CLI applications used by humans. Bug#790634: ITP: python-scp -- scp module for paramiko Bug#790645: ITP: ruby-rack-oauth2 -- Rack interface for OAuth 2.0 Bug#790648: ITP: apache-directory-server -- Embbedable directory server written in Java Bug#790653: ITP: writeboost -- utility to manage mappings of dm-writeboost devices Bug#790662: ITP: ruby-jquery-scrollto-rails -- library to use jQuery scrollTo with Rails Bug#790672: ITP: ldif3 -- generate and parse LDIF data Bug#790685: ITP: python-conditional -- conditionally enter a context manager Bug#790699: ITP: csvkit -- library of utilities for working with CSV Clarifications about the alleged transition to FFmpeg Compile Kernel 32 bits on an 64 bits machine: initramfs Re: Copyright format “License” field: grant of license, license text? Re: curl and certificate verification in jessie Debian upload but no email response ? DEB_SIGN_KEYID vs DEBSIGN_KEYID desktop files for xscreensaver hacks in different desktop environments Re: Experimental ddeb support in debhelper and lintian (Was: Re: -dbg packages; are they actually useful?) Facilitating external repositories GID collab-maint or scm_collab-maint on alioth git GooString Re: Heads up: Upcoming dpkg-buildpackage -j precedence change ifupdown2 - Questions regarding packaging for debian Re: Invoking ‘init’ from an init.d script (Wheezy) Re: Invoking ‘init’ from an init.d script (Wheezy) Re: Invoking ‘init’ from an init.d script (Wheezy) Re: Invoking ‘init’ from an init.d script (Wheezy) Re: Invoking ‘init’ from an init.d script (Wheezy) Issue with PTS watch file service Is the Debian dependency system broken? (wget vs libgnutls-deb0-28) ITP: iio-sensor-proxy - IIO accelerometer sensor to input device proxy Keysigning, Dublin, Wednesday (morning)? libre version of iceweasel Lintian auto-reject changes Making a .deb file to be added into the debian repository. Mass bug report filing: ‘python-lockfile’ API breakage in version 0.9 mudlet bug #787354: icon had wrong license oldoldstable on DDPO packaging Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer v0.4.2 Please stop (was: Bug#786909: chromium: unconditionally downloads binary blob) Re: please use signed git commits (and tags) ppp plugins and dependencies preparing for GCC 5, especially libstdc++6 Processed: Re: Too little specific information in bug report Re: Proposal, a Build-Depends-Optional field Re: Proposal: enable stateless persistant network interface names Proposal v2: enable stateless persistant network interface names Q: Which is suitable "distribution" in changelog for point release? Re: Q: Which is suitable "distribution" in changelog for point release? Regarding Debian development Regarding text display issues Re: RFH: dropbear initramfs support RFH: os-autoinst and make test script for d-i source for pdftohtml Status on ddeb support in Debian Timezone name in Debian changelog format Upstream and packaging Invoking ‘init’ from an init.d script (Wheezy) Re: Invoking ‘init’ from an init.d script (Wheezy) Work-needing packages report for Jun 12, 2015 Work-needing packages report for Jun 19, 2015 Work-needing packages report for Jun 26, 2015 Work-needing packages report for Jun 5, 2015 Xen PVUSB - Debian 8 The last update was on 16:22 GMT Wed May 01. There are 430 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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