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Re: Upstream and packaging

On 06/07/2015 02:17 PM, Geert Stappers wrote:
> Hi,
> What about creating a guide line where upstream creates a directory
> Packaging where sub directories are like Debian, Ubuntu, Mint,
> Redhat, CentOS, Suse and such?
> So Upstream can ship their tar-balls / git repositories with
> the package stuff ( Spec files, debian/ directories ) allready available.
> Next distro have that way a starting point for their packaging.

If the packaging folder stays until the package reaches Debian, that's
fine. However, if it stays after that, it's bad to have it upstream,
even if it's not conflicting with our workflow. Why? Well, simply
because instead of a single place where to contribute to the packaging,
you now have 2: one upstream, and one in Debian. Once one or the other
gets updated, who's going to do the work of propagating the change in
the other place where the packaging information is stored? What's the
point of having double the work to update the debian folder in both
Debian and upstream? Just get that done in Debian, and that's it...


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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