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Re: Proposal v2: enable stateless persistant network interface names


Martin Pitt <mpitt@debian.org> wrote: 
        The main objection in the discussion was that path based names aren't
        appropriate for USB based devices. I agree, so I change my proposal to
        use MAC based names for anything USB based. The names will look even
        worse as they include the MAC in hex (enx112233445566), but the two
        goals "use MAC for these devices", "don't maintain state files in
        /etc", and "avoid any collisions" don't leave room for much else.

How about using only the last 3 bytes of the MAC?

The probability of using, on the same system, *two or more* controllers
from *different brands* with a collision in the last 3 bytes is
nonexistent in practice.

The clear benefit would be that 3 bytes / 6 hex digits are easy enough
to remember in the short term memory when you need to type a command. 6
hex digits are also regularly used as short git references for that same


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