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Re: Regarding text display issues

On Fri, 5 Jun 2015 15:03:55 +0530
Himanshu Shekhar <himanshushekharb16@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello
> I am a Linux enthusiast and have started using Debian a few days back
> after using Ubuntu for 2 years. Debian is really awesome and doesn't
> crash. Well, right now I have two major issues :
> 1. Debian cannot display languages as Hindi, not even Google Hindi in
> Chromium.
> 2. I just get confused in app names in Synaptic and want to install
> apps without using DVD easily.
> It would be great for this newbie to be properly guided.


First things first: please understand that this list is not a place to
ask for general user help as it's dedicated to the development of
Debian itself, so it features hard-core deeply technical discussions.
Tomas already pointed you to right directions for getting help so I
won't repeat that.

As to your specific problem with displaying Hindi text in Chrome,
I think that your system just misses the necessary fonts (that is, data
files that provide drawable representations for characters of a
specific language.  The basic Debian system supposedly only installs
fonts for the most commonly used scripts such as Western Latin etc.
I did a quick search among the available packages on my Debian Wheezy
system, and got this:

~% apt-cache search font hindi
fonts-deva-extra - Free fonts for Devanagari script
fonts-lohit-deva - Lohit TrueType font for Devanagari script
fonts-nakula - Free Unicode compliant Devanagari font
fonts-sahadeva - Free Unicode compliant Devanagari font
fonts-samyak-deva - Samyak TrueType font for Devanagari script
emacs-intl-fonts - Fonts to allow multi-lingual PostScript printing
task-hindi - Hindi environment

You can safely ignore the emacs-intl-fonts package as it is for use
with a particular text editor, but the others seem interesting,
in particular, the last one:

~% apt-cache show task-hindi
Package: task-hindi
Source: tasksel
Version: 3.14.1
Installed-Size: 21
Maintainer: Debian Install System Team <debian-boot@lists.debian.org>
Architecture: all
Depends: tasksel
Recommends: aspell-hi
Description-en: Hindi environment
 This task installs programs, data files, fonts, and
 documentation that makes it easier for Hindi speakers
 to use Debian.

Now, let's do a more targeted search:

~% apt-cache search task hindi
task-hindi - Hindi environment
task-hindi-desktop - Hindi desktop
task-hindi-kde-desktop - Hindi KDE desktop

So I'd say task-hindi-desktop would be a safe bet for you.

AFAIK, the next logical things to do is to (all commands are to be
execured in a console window):

1) Install that task package:

  # apt-get install task-hindi-desktop

2) Install the packages referenced by that task:

   * Run tasksel:

     # tasksel

   * Select the task for Hindi Desktop in the list,
     then press OK in the interface.

See <https://wiki.debian.org/tasksel> for more.

May be others will provide you with more user-friendly solutions
(I don't use tools like Synaptic anyway so can't help with this).

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