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Re: Regarding Debian development

On Tue, 2 Jun 2015 13:52:25 +0530, Himanshu Shekhar
<himanshushekharb16@gmail.com> wrote:
>1. An application, however small which could be downloaded on any machine
>that would check the users' system and automatically suggest a list of
>debian versions available to download.

That application would be architecture dependent. So you would need to
know your architecture beforehand. There is no much difference between
downloading debiancheck_amd64.exe and debian_stable_amd64_netinst.iso.

Such an application could, however, check the bandwidth of the
Internet connection available and suggest downloading the netinst ISO
in case there is good bandwidth available and suggest downloading the
complete DVD set at a different place (!) if there is no good
bandwidth available. It could not, however, judge the cost of the
download which might affect the decision  as well.

>2. Simple GUI support to install Debian alongside windows because users
>won't remove windows at once. They need to have a taste before having the
>entire dish served. Live ISO images work, but won't give the actual feel of
>the OS.

How about using a virtualization solution like VirtualBox on Windows
to install Debian in a virtual machine. We could even deliver
pre-installed virtual hard disks to do so, but it would need somebody
to do that. And that somebody who does that does not even need to be a
Debian member, so you could begin doing this right now.

>3. More justifications on the coming UEFI/BIOS confusion, what works and
>what doesn't?

No idea, sorry.

> What are the softwares included in the Debian iso images. The official
>link uses terms as more, less, sufficient, but people need to know exactly
>what programs are they going to have in the version they are downloading.

The best idea is to download the netinst.iso, which does only include
the most basic set of software needed to boot up Debian and to do the
installation from the network. That way, you'll have the entire Debian
repository available and don't download anything you won't be

Possible situations where the netinst.iso is not the right choice are
for example if at the place of the target system is either
excruciatingly slow or excruciatingly expensive _AND_ there is another
place with more speed or lesser cost is available where DVDs could
burnt _AND_ the target system cannot be brought to that place.

>Also there are third party softwares or services available, but it is the
>trust that matters if decalared official by Debian.

You need to explain that. Debian does not endorse third party software
and/or support organizations.

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