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Re: Making a .deb file to be added into the debian repository.

On Thu, Jun 4, 2015 at 8:17 AM, ea he wrote:

> The goal is to have my open source forum software added to the debian
> software center / package manager. What should I do first to try to get the
> software into the debian repository?

Please read this document:


> I have a forum php / mysql software that I need to create a .deb for. I
> would like to create the .deb file so that it can be installed into the
> apache2 default-site folder, xampp htdocs, or both but I have noticed that
> both phpbb3 and mediawiki deb files installs into /var/lib and /usr/share.
> Is there a reason why they install into those folders and not into
> /usr/share/apache2/default-site ?

First I should mention that web app packaging is quite suboptimal at the moment.

What you have suggested with default-site is an awfully specific way
to install the software and won't work for many sysadmins. In
particular, it only works with one web server (Apache) while there are
many others and Apache is becoming less popular.

A much better way would be to install everything into
/usr/share/<packagename> and then have upstream provide a script that
can be run by the sysadmin to setup instances of the software, with
sysadmin provided web server choice, URLs and data storage locations.
If you want the .deb package could then ask the sysadmin if they want
to setup an instance of the software, which web server to configure
for, which domain and URL to put the software at and where to store
data and then pass the relevant details to the script. Or the sysadmin
could be expected to run the script manually.

You might be interested in this project to help improve this stuff:




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