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Re: Status on ddeb support in Debian

May I suggest you add:

What is it?

* ddeb's are Debian packages with the extenstion .ddeb that
  contain debugging symbols and are built implicitly.
  - A package foo_1.23.deb will receive a corresponding
    foo_1.23-dbgsym.ddeb package.
  - ddebs are built automatically by dh_strip.

Or such. The above info is deduced from random bits. I haven't
really read the whole thread closely, so my blurp above might
be wrong.

Am 29.06.2015 um 18:17 schrieb Niels Thykier:
> Here is another short update on ddeb support in Debian.
> What is missing?
> ================
>  * Only known blocker is missing archive/dak support.
>  * Once DAK support is implemented, I intend to enable ddebs
>    unconditionally in debhelper.
> Where are we?
> =============
>  * debhelper in unstable can now build ddebs - disabled by default.
>    - Test with env DH_BUILD_DDEBS=1, but please don't upload ddebs to
>      any Debian archive.
>  * lintian gives no remarks to the new ddebs.
>  * dh_strip can now be asked to /not/ build ddebs, if your package for
>    some reason cannot use them.
>    - Known cases are: linux (build-id based debug symbols not supported)
>      and possibly other kernels
> How can I help?
> ===============
>  * Please review the documentation in dh_strip(1) and help me improve it
>    where needed.
>  * [Toolchain maintainers] If you maintain that might need to handle
>    ddebs /differently/ than a regular ddeb (e.g. reprepro), please
>    look into implementing that.
>  * [Derivatives] Please consider upgrading your infrastructure /
>    tooling if/where needed.
> ===
>  Q: What if my distribution/use-case is ready to build ddebs?
>  A: Please import debhelper 9.20150628 with the attached patch
>     cherry-picked.
>     - Note, if your developers/users moonlight as DDs, please remind
>       them to build their Debian packages in a clean unstable chroot
>       with the regular debhelper! They should be doing that already,
>       but a reminder cannot hurt.
>  Q: What happens if I upload a ddeb to unstable?
>  A: Either dak unconditionally rejects your upload (if you are lucky)
>     OR it ends up in NEW (if you are unlucky).  Note that once your
>     package is in NEW, subsequent upload will /also/ end up in NEW.
>     Even if they do /not/ include the ddeb package.
> Thanks,
> ~Niels

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