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Re: Clarifications about the alleged transition to FFmpeg

Hi Alessio,

2015-06-18 19:25 GMT+02:00 Alessio Treglia <alessio@debian.org>:
> On Thu, Jun 18, 2015 at 5:30 PM, Bálint Réczey <balint@balintreczey.hu> wrote:
>> While the team has not announced a formal decision the majority of the
>> team supports FFmpeg (which you don't ;-).
> I've never denied that: [1]
> However you have to give people enough time to ***think***,
> ***review*** things, and ***speak up*** if they wish to.
>> It also not clear how the team can make a formal decision since there
>> is no official leader, just members,not all listed members
>> participated in the discussion.
> No one claims the leadership here, so you can't either I am afraid.
I think a team of this size would need at least a secretary who can set
schedules with deadlines for votes at least when someone delegates
a decision to us. I'm not interested in claiming leadership and if we
ever elect one leader/secretary I won't run and will vote for you in
the first period.

I'm interested in working teams where the rules of making formal
decisions are known and time-limited and I hope when we are
asked to make a decision next time we will have those rules in place.

>> From: https://wiki.debian.org/DebianMultimedia :
>>  Currently there are no strict roles defined. All members can work
>>  on all packages, although there is some sort of split. A list of
>>  people actively involved in the packaging effort can be found here
> Correct, nevertheless other members of the team on IRC expressed some
> doubts about the subtle message conveyed by your blog post's title:
> "Debian is preparing the transition to FFmpeg!" - not to mention other
> parts of the contents ("Ending an era of shipping Libav" [...] "the
> Debian Multimedia Team is working out the last details of switching to
> FFmpeg").
> I do believe that a different wording wouldn't have caused the same reactions.
I'm sorry if some people felt bad due to the wording. I think it is
fairly neutral.
Copying the original short blog entry:
 Debian is preparing the transition to FFmpeg!

Ending an era of shipping Libav as default the Debian Multimedia Team
is working out the last details of switching to FFmpeg. If you would
like to read more about the reasons please read the rationale behind
the change on the dedicated wiki page. If you feel so be welcome to
test the new ffmpeg packages or join the discussion starting here.
(Warning, the thread is loooong!)
I don't know if the IRC logs are available somewhere, but I can update
the post if there are better suggestions for wording.


> Cheers.
> (I won't reply again, I'm pretty fed up with all this and hope it will
> come to an end soon)
> [1] http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/pkg-multimedia-maintainers/2015-June/044671.html
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