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Re: Proposal v2: enable stateless persistant network interface names

Vincent Danjean [2015-06-03 12:43 +0200]:
> So, you can show a debconf note, try (or not) to migrate the file
> automatically, remove (or comment-out) the 70-persistent-net.rules,
> or ... but, please, do not write a preinst script that fails
> because the admin did not update its config before upgrading.

Fair enough. We can just point out that this is an unsupported
configuration in stretch+2. There is no way we can reliably migrate
the whole system.

> One "good" solution would probably a new kind of scripts run
> by dpkg and apt *prior to any other things* (for all involved
> packages) to decide if the upgrade can run or not. But that
> would involve lots of change in apt/dpkg and I'm sure I do not
> oversee all the implications of such a proposal.

Indeed, and this should probably also happen at a higher level (like
Ubuntu's release-upgrader, which has extra pre/post hooks).

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