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Bug#787239: Too little specific information in bug report

Hello Tomas!

"what init system are you using?" - carefully look above: "Init: systemd (via /run/systemd/system)"

After hang PC I can reboot only through press "Reset" button. After boot I see in log only last boot info.

I noticed that if before start GDM Manager I login to Console mode and enter 'reboot' command, then reboot success, but if GDM Manager start and press CTRL+ALT+F1 and login to Console mode and enter 'reboot' command then reboot process hang ;(

I don't know how to diagnose this problem...

С уважением,


Hello Shaman,

I'd suggest you go to a debian support channel to discuss/solve your 


As is your bug report contains far too little specific information (for 
example - what init system are you using?) to be able to meaningfully act 
on it.

If you are able to make some progress on your problem then please report 
back to this bug report and/or close it.


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