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Re: ppp plugins and dependencies

[Chris Boot]
> There probably doesn't need to be an ABI break for every version, but
> there is with 2.4.6 => 2.4.7 due to the addition of some variables. If
> this was a shared library it wouldn't necessitate a soname bump as it's
> essentially just a new symbol, but a plugin that happens to use this new
> symbol would break badly on an older pppd.

So in the present case, you could say

Provides: ppp-plugin-api (= 2.4.6), ppp-plugin-api (= 2.4.7)

and perhaps many or even most future cases could do likewise -
indicating that a bunch of rebuilds / upgrades is not really needed.

Of course you'd also want to relax the runtime version check to match,
and make sure the plugin dir doesn't change (or that you check multiple
plugin dirs).

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