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Re: ppp plugins and dependencies

Chris Boot wrote...

> The main problem that I see is that there isn't a built-in mechanism for
> tracking such a situation, as far as I can tell. There aren't any shared
> libraries involved, so I don't have the benefit of sonames, symbols
> files or symbol versioning.


disclaimer: I might not overlook the implications so just take this
as a small bit from a maintainer of one of the packages involved (pptpd).

In general I prefer solutions that require a lot of work but for
just one time over those that need some small attention every now and
then; and also those where work needs to be done just in one place
instead of many. Not just because I'm lazy but mostly since this
should be more error-prone.

Therefore, the debhelper/dh_ppp_plugin looks like a good idea unless
there is an even more generic approach as suggested by James McCoy.
AFAICT this could also create the lower and upper bound versioned
dependencies on ppp.

However, I'll follow any changes your decision will imply. Choose wisely.

my 2¢


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