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Re: Allowing both cross building and using an alternative compiler

+++ Thorsten Glaser [2015-06-16 13:39 +0000]:

> There are two coëxisting sets of nomenclature for cross-compiling around.
> Both are “correct” and have their merits, but they come from different
> cultures and have different goals.
> Unfortunately, variables like HOSTCC, TARGET_CC, CC_FOR_BUILD, BUILD_CC,
> etc. cannot simply be put into either scheme because of the ambiguity.

> Instead, Debian should neutrally define a set of knobs to set, which the
> debian/rules files then can convert to whatever upstream requires,

This is a worthy goal, but I've had long conversations about this,
trying to think up some 'neutral' names which aren't confusing and
have failed. After much hand-wringing I concluded that one might as
well just use the GNU names as we use GNU conventions in other places
(e.g. build triplets) and they do cover all cases. Making up new names
just compounds the problem.

Yes we do need to do conversions to supply the right info for various
build systems, but I'm not convinced that that is a reason not to
re-use the GNU terminology as the debian 'standard'.

And a load of bike-shedding over the variable names doesn't change the
nature of the actual problem at all - it would be a distraction.

(Guillem - I was wondering if you had any response to my post on this
therad. I hope I haven't derailed your progress by asking awkward
questions without really providing solutions. I should really take
your suggestion and try to provide an improved version).

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