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ifupdown2 - Questions regarding packaging for debian

(some of this discussion did start in bug #786902)

Initial thought (a suggestion from Piotr) was to see if ifupdown2 [1] can be packaged
as an alternative to ifupdown.

To that effect, I have some sample packaging changes to install ifupdown
as an alternative. I call the alternative 'ifupdown' and the two available alternatives
are ifupdown and ifupdown2.

The files that need moving around are:


In addition to the above there is also the man pages and the
'networking.init' and 'networking.default' file that need moving.

My concern today is, installing alternatives for networking.init and networking.default. I have not seen examples of installing alternate init scripts. If there are existing examples,
I would love to do this for ifupdown as well.

The other option is to make ifupdown2 'replace' ifupdown if people want to try it out.

Before I go down the path of one or the other, I wanted to get some feedback on the right approach.

Will ifupdown project be ok with the changes to install it as an alternative (I can submit patches for review) ?.
Or would it prefer ifupdown2 be provided as a replacement package ?.


[1] https://github.com/CumulusNetworks/ifupdown2
[2] http://cumulusnetworks.github.io/ifupdown2/ifupdown2/userguide.html

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