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Re: Making a .deb file to be added into the debian repository.


On 04.06.2015 02:17, ea he wrote:

> I have a forum php / mysql software that I need to create a .deb for. I
> would like to create the .deb file so that it can be installed into the
> apache2 default-site folder, xampp htdocs, or both but I have noticed that
> both phpbb3 and mediawiki deb files installs into /var/lib and /usr/share.
> Is there a reason why they install into those folders and not into
> /usr/share/apache2/default-site ?

Two reasons:

1. very few people actually use the default site, most configure the
default to show "nothing here" and use named virtual hosts. The default
is a fallback for when they forget to configure something. These people
don't want web apps to show up on the default site.

2. Large hosters install "all the packages", so individual customers can
choose what they want. For this to work, installed web applications need
to be inactive initially.

A good document about web application packaging is


> The goal is to have my open source forum software added to the debian
> software center / package manager. What should I do first to try to get the
> software into the debian repository?

To be added to the distribution, packages need to be compliant with the
Debian Policy, and the licence must be acceptable according to the
Debian Free Software Guidelines.

For each package, there needs to be a maintainer (can be a group of
people) who is then responsible for keeping the version up to date,
responding to bug reports and making sure bugs are fixed.

Keep in mind that when a version is part of a Debian release, that
version will need full support for one year after the next release (so
typically three years), and in that time, only bugfixes are allowed so
users can be sure that installing updates will not introduce new bugs.

It is completely acceptable and normal for a package to be maintained by
different people than the original authors as well, so as an author, you
are not necessarily responsible for providing packages.


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