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Re: ppp plugins and dependencies

On Sun, Jun 07, 2015 at 11:26:12AM +0100, Chris Boot wrote:
> One of the first tasks on my list is to resolve the issue with
> dependencies and ABI compatibility surrounding the building of ppp
> plugins. Several packages in the archive use the ppp-dev package to help
> them build ppp plugins that are loaded into pppd at run-time using
> dlopen(). The plugins are generally installed into a particular
> versioned directory on the filesystem (currently
> /usr/lib/pppd/${abi_version}/) where pppd looks for them by default.
> There is currently no mechanism for binary packages to depend on a
> particular ppp plugin ABI version being available, other than manually
> creating (and maintaining) dependencies such as:
> Depends: [...] ppp (>= 2.4.6~), ppp (<< 2.4.7~) [...]

This sounds like the same issue I brought up in
<20150422234712.GC19862@freya.jamessan.com>.  We, as a distribution,
haven't solved the problem of ensuring

a) Packages which dynamically load a shared library are rebuilt when
b) After such a rebuild, the package loading the shared library and the
   shared library are upgraded together

while still avoiding the use of hard Depends (since they defeat the
purpose of dynamically loading a library).

This has been solved for programs which just dynamically link libraries
through binNMUs and symbols/shlibs files, but we really need a similar
mechanism for dynamically loaded libraries.

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