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Re: Facilitating external repositories

Le samedi 6 juin 2015, 00:13:59 Brian May a écrit :
> On Sat, 6 Jun 2015 at 02:11 Josh Triplett <josh@joshtriplett.org> wrote:
> > Given that the packages in question appear to be Free Software (at least
> > from a quick check of a couple of them, as well as the repository being
> > named "main"), is there a reason you don't maintain them in Debian
> > (including backports or volatile if you need to provide the newest
> > packages for older distributions)?
> >

Well, this had been in Debian for some years until 2010
under an other name: 'beid'
but I don't know why it was removed.

> In my case I maintain open source software Debian packages outside of
> Debian because the software is far to volatile (e.g. important bug fixes on
> a weekly basis) and I don't want old versions hanging around any longer
> then absolutely required.

Maybe Debian could just ship "eid-archive" package almost as-is,
it's not like the key changes every day;
the one active here doesn't even have an expiry date.

This only contain:
  /usr/share/eid-archive/keys/6773d225.gpg - Belgian eID Automatic Signing Key (official releases)
 + a postinst & postrm

The others packages would remain in  http://files.eid.belgium.be/debian/

There is very little to clean-up:

lintian /var/cache/apt-cacher-ng/files.eid.belgium.be/debian/pool/main/e/eid-archive/eid-archive_2014.8_all.deb
W: eid-archive: copyright-without-copyright-notice
W: eid-archive: command-with-path-in-maintainer-script postrm:7 /usr/bin/ucf

> It is also a very narrow market, possibly not of
> general interest to the Debian community (this is hard to determine
> however; maybe what this needs right now is expanded exposure).

Well 'beid' was there before and a there's a potential 10 millions
persons having to do their taxes this month and needing this
stuff if they are using Debian or a derivative.

eid-archive is a tiny 'all' package that weights 6040 bytes :-)
I guess the pros outweigh the cons.

> There was also the (slightly confusing) perception in management that they
> had to tightly control ownership and distribution, despite it being open
> source GPL software, available on github, etc.

Entirely possible :-(

Alexandre Detiste

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