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Re: oldoldstable on DDPO

Re: Luca Falavigna 2015-06-13 <[🔎] CADk7b0Nc+pD_zBAhJ=vw8qFneTJGwHkYL+OBciOPG-dUGg8N0Q@mail.gmail.com>
> Would it be also possible to exclude from the view packages no longer
> maintained in the selected suites (see #736715) ?

That'd be more involved change. We used to only look at
unstable/experimental to gather maintainer information. The problem
with that is if a source package gets renamed, you will (hopefully)
still care about it in stable for security updates, so we need to
extract some maintainer information from stable as well.

I guess the fix is to check if the package still exists in unstable,
and maybe check for changed maintainer information. The logic for that
would be complex and probably have a lot of bugs or corner cases where
users would disagree over the Right Thing to do...

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