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Re: Status on ddeb support in Debian

On 2015-06-30 07:20, Tomas Pospisek wrote:
> May I suggest you add:
> What is it?
> ===========
> * ddeb's are Debian packages with the extenstion .ddeb that
>   contain debugging symbols and are built implicitly.
>   - A package foo_1.23.deb will receive a corresponding
>     foo_1.23-dbgsym.ddeb package.
>   - ddebs are built automatically by dh_strip.
> Or such. The above info is deduced from random bits. I haven't
> really read the whole thread closely, so my blurp above might
> be wrong.
> *t
> [...]

Hi Thomas,

Indeed, thanks for the suggestion.  I will try to remember that for next
time. :)

Just to avoid any confusion, please note that we use ".deb" as extension
for these as well.  Accordingly the "ddeb" for foo_1.23_arch.deb would
be foo-dbgsym_1.23_arch.deb.


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