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Re: Adding support for LZIP to dpkg, using that instead of xz, archive wide

>>>>> "Aron" == Aron Xu <aron@debian.org> writes:

    Aron> I don't hold a view on whether we want lz support in dpkg/dak,
    Aron> but it could be a pity if we really involve CTTE for such an
    Aron> issue. To me, it's sorta abusing the escalation process if
    Aron> every individual developer raise an issue and seek for
    Aron> overruling when his opinion were n'acked by the maintainer of
    Aron> relevant part... But this is just my own, secret, POV, please
    Aron> don't start a flame war for it.

hi.  Speaking as a member of the TC, I'd really like to encourage people
to not think of coming to the TC only to get stuff overruled.  we can be
a resource for helping people understand why communication is not
working and helping people understand each other.  If someone feels that
their input was not heard, I'd rather them ask for help with that than
have lingering frustrations build up.  Not being heard is different from
not being agreed with.  When I'm not heard I'm typically frustrated
because I don't have confidence that the people making the decision
considered what I was saying or frustrated because the rationale for the
decision doesn't address some objection I raised.
That tends to cause me to think about whether I should spend my time
In contrast, I end up not being agreed with all the time.  I can
understand the tradeoffs people are making, and can value the decision
and process even when it is not one I'd make.

Now, it sounds like involving the TC is premature here on either ground,
but we can help do more than just overrule stuff.

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