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autobuilding arch independent packages ... binutils-dev dependency problem... Bug#159918: libsidplay1 contains no shlibs file building packages on unstable for stable CAMPAIGN: Alvechurch, Barnt Green, (North Bromsgrove) chained dependencies handling in debian/control Check over doclifter package dealing with dead projects Debian my own software dh_builddeb error - why? dpkg's treatment of symlinks 我有全市最便宜的市话通和CDMA和GSM手机, cdma手机号码150元(含1000元话费 Getting a package in with an expired key Handling application private libs Help!! Can't sign package: secret key not available How to upload non-us package? inclusion of a debian dir in upstream src Investment Advice ITP spca50x usb camera driver Kerberos support for Cyrus: I need help Kernel module package depending on kernel-headers. keys question.. Looking for an advocate to become "taper"-maintainer Looking for confirmation on archive sections Looking for information about finding sponsors. Looking for sponsor/criticism Looking for sponsor for single upload of zangband mldonkey needs sponsor Multiple Binary and man pages Multiple compile of source (ie, different configure lines for each package) Re: Multiple compile of source (ie, different configure lines for each package) NMU with new upstream No brains at this hour in the morning Package upload problem replacing package Problem with lintian warning not-set-usr-doc-link & not-remove-usr-doc-link Problem with shlibs Providing a stub to avoid problem packaging? Python scrips and deps Questian about Architecture Question about purging problems Re: Rejected upload -- adacgi reportbug problem Request for package examination Request for sponsor: ITA of mysql-navigator Request for upload RFS: ogmtools script as a configuration file Seeking a sponsor, working on the wims package Setting a default path with autoconf Sponsor request for an ITA sponsor request for memtester and dumpasn1 Sponsor request for pgpenvelope sponsor request for tcpreen Sponsor request : looking for an advocate to become an mgs packager Sponsor request: quelcom subscribe substvar in Arch: Re: Use of the BTS for managing sponsorship version of package being replaced ? Where should I upload a package depending on KDE3 packages? (was: Bug#161208: valgrind: upgrade to version 1.0.2 and apply patch patch-0.2a-valgrind-1.0.2.gz from kcachegrind) The last update was on 16:59 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 292 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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