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Re: Questian about Architecture

"J. Scott Edwards" <sedwards@xmission.com> writes:

> I agree that one shouldn't restrict the sources.  But I am curious how one
> tests on various platforms.  All of my machines are x86 and PowerPC (and
> it's dead at the moment).  Then of course I could use the compile farm at
> SourceForge. 

If you are a DD, then you have access to various machine, of different
arch and then you could try on them.

> Do maintainers usually test on various platforms?

Well, I don't know (I maintain only one package, and it is a
Binary-all package), but I believe most don't. They wait for the build
farm and user of unstable for reporting bug.

Of course, there is a problem : some arch have fewer tester than
other, and then your package might not have been tested on those arch
before Debian is out.
Rémi Vanicat

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