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Debian my own software

Dear All,

I want to make a debian package (and later even make it into the
Debian distribution) of one of my own (GPL-ed) software.

What are the documents & tools that I must read?  The Debian New
Maintainers guide suppose that I debianize annother program. But I do
not want to patch my program (in the sense of making a patch file) but
to release the next version so that it will be debianisable.

For what it's worth, the package & program I am working on is
Guis. See http://starynkevitch.net/Basile/guisdoc.html (unfortunately,
I am in the process of changing hosting for my domain, so there could
be temporary DNS problems at end of this week -ie around september
25-28th 2002). 

Guis is a Gtk2 widget server. It accept lua statements as requests to
build Gtk widgets, and output XML or Sexpr events. It communicate with
the using application thru pipes.

Guis does not use autoconf/automake. I really don't like these
programs, and hope to just stay with a plain GNUmakefile.

Guis use CLISP at compile time (to generate some C glue code for lua,
from lispy API *.defs descriptive files), and links with Lua & Gtk2.

So it is not a usual Debian package.

The step by step instructions assume an original .tar.gz file. But
this is not my situation: I am the [upstream] author of the package
and want to adapt it so that it is Debianized without patches!

Any clues or references to read?


Basile STARYNKEVITCH         http://starynkevitch.net/Basile/ 
email: basile<at>starynkevitch<dot>net 
alias: basile<at>tunes<dot>org 
8, rue de la Faïencerie, 92340 Bourg La Reine, France

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