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Kernel module package depending on kernel-headers.

Hello, ...

I am packaging unicorn :

unicorn    - Kernel modules for the Bewan ADSL PCI st modem

The upstream source come with a make file enabling to build it from only
the kernel-headers, without there really being a need for the
kernel-sources (in particular, it is a standalone tarball, not a patch
to be used with kernel-package, and as thus, i don't use the dh_make
kernel module option, but am doing a single binary package).

Ok, now to my actual question :

I have to build depend on kernel-headers, and the resulting binary does
depend on the corresponding kernel-image.

I have a makefile variable at the top of debian/rules, which i add as a
substvar for dh_gencontrol, and it generates the depend line correctly.

The problem is with the build depends, as i have no way of doing this
same substitution before dpkg-buildpackage checks for the build depends. 

Is this possible ?

Ideally, i would build depend on kernel-headers-2.4, and have a option
that i can pass to debian/rules which would detect what kernel-headers
package provide this and set the kernel version accordyingly.

Is this a better solution ?

How do other module packages handle this, do someone know at a good such
package i could use as example ?


Sven Luther

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