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2.2r3 CDROM fails to boot on SS20 2.4.2 compile but... wont boot! ;( 2.4.x compile on SPARC? advantage of xfrre 4.0 over xfree 3.3.x on an old sparc box ? Re: Again 2.4.X kernels and SS10... booting sparc [ Re: sparc 2.4.X packages?!] Cannot login on serial console cdrom Crash Custom kernel or Not? Debian popatoe and a Ultra5 debian potato and kernel 2.4 Fujitsu sparc based machine doesn't work with Debian Help needed [Was: Re: Bug#98913: lxdoom: SIGBUS on sparc...] hosed my[self] nvram? How well, if at all, does Debian/Sparc support Sun's Javastations? Internet connection La Revue Humaniste 3e millénaire : Objectifs KDE on sparc linux? kernel for 2.2r4 Re: kernel for 2.2r4 and Xfree4 problem Re: kernel for 2.2r4 and Xfree4 problem (unhelpful response coming) 北一女.......超級辣妹我! mozilla 0.9 Netscape on Sparc Re: Network booting issues New set of boot-floppies for woody (well, sid) news on sun blade 100 yet ? New Woody 2.3.2 boot images for sparc, need testing... No cp in sparc woody installation? Now What !! one strange questions... OT: Speakers for Seminar in November Re: Package list for 2.2r4 PCMCIA/Cardbus [Potato] partial package. potato r3 installation on a SparcClassic Problems when "cloning" an hard-disk Problem with printer on SS10. Recompile needed for 2.2r4 reiserfs empirical study (very long) semi-OT kernel compile question smail segfaults SMP on a SPARC20 Solaris Binaries Some information sorry Sparc Port sparcstation 330 - linux or netbsd? SparcStorage Array A5000 stuff Sun Box will not auto boot trouble with Debian/Potato on Sparc 5... Ultra 5: I don't succed in compiling also the 2.4.3! Ultra 5/Mach 64 video strangeness woody: mod_ssl broken X keyboard map? X keyboard map - summary xmms stuttering X on an Ultra 10 X on sparc IPX and classic X on Sun Blade 100 xserver-xfree86 for SPARCstation 4 理財規劃系列.... The last update was on 20:05 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 225 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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