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sparcstation 330 - linux or netbsd?

i currently have a Sparcstation ELC (sun4c) booting linux over nfs.  works fine.
i have a hp9000 Apollo booting netbsd/hp300 port over nfs, works fine.
now i got an old beast called
Sparcstation 330 (from the Sparcstation 300 series)
my first try was netbsd:
it gets the ip with rarp
boots the primary netbsd boot loader with tftp
gets the config to boot with bootparamd
and loads the kernel netbsd with nfs
the kernel unpacks, boots the sparc
lots of impressive netbsd kernel stuff output
and then this:
bwtw0 at obio0 addr 0xfb300000 level 4: bwtwo/p4, 1152x900 (console)
the kernel hangs then and this happens:
in the middle of the screen, a rectangular field starts mixing the chars around.  it scrambles the text but only in this field
the keyboard lets the led's blink all three for a short time and then the machine does not continue.
i tried a second card, the same result.
i tried the netbsd.GENERIC.gz and the netbsd.GENERIC_SCSI3.gz
i tried it with unpacking and not unpacking (gzip -d) but i think this is not the problem, because the kernel boots but hangs in the bwtwo stuff
should i try to remove the framebuffer card bwtwo and do boot via serial console? these nice rx-tx crossed serial cables?
this machine has 4 serial interfaces
1 large db25 female
and 3 small db9 female
where is the default console port?
with linux, i tried the " tftpboot.img" from sun4cdm (this image boots my ELC sun4c successfully, but it gives an access or memory error or something like this, e.g. it will not even unpack or jump into execution of the kernel, the openboot does not start the kernel like in the ELC.
i would appreciate your help and guidance what netbsd or linux i can boot and run to give life to this old machine back again.
thank you very much in advance
Alexander Gabert

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