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Re: Ultra 5/Mach 64 video strangeness

On 10-May-2001 Steffan Baron wrote:
>>After some random amount of time, the X display will freak out, and go
>>sorta snowy on me.  Ctrl-Alt-Bkspcing out gets me back to the command line,
>>but that's all screwed up, too.  It almost looks like the monitor's lost
>>synch (It's a Sun 21", btw, on the off chance that this is a monitor problem
>>and not an Ultra 5/Mach 64 one, though I'm relatively sure I didn't have 
>>this monitor yet the first time I ran into the problem).  For what it's 
>>worth, everything works like a charm under Solaris.
> I've got the same problem here (Ultra5/Mach64). I can use the
> machine via net, only the display is totally screwed up, and I have
> to reboot the machine. This happens randomly but not as frequent as
> in Your case. However, IIRC since installing a 2.4.x kernel it
> doesn't happen anymore.

I have the same problem too, again Ultra5/Mach64. Again, it happens randomly
and not nearly as frequently as the original report. The length of time X is
running seems to be a factor; certainly if I log out at the end of each day
(thus restarting X) it seems I am much less likely to run into trouble than if I
leave X running. However, I am pretty sure I have seen it happen with 2.4.1.
Generall speaking, it hits monthly. I have problems with X crashing on a more
frequent basis.

The symptoms are that the entire display, X *and* console is scrambled. The
cursor becomes an white square and otherwise as has been said it looks like
sync has been lost. It looks very much like some incorrect value has been
written into a Mach64 register which is not otherwise touched by the frame
buffer or X code. Certainly stopping and restarting X does not cure the
problem; a reboot is the only answer.

> PS: I'm using the XF86Config file as delivered with potato, only
> input sections are adjusted.

My modeline (which I think is a standard Debian one) is:

ModeLine "1280x1024x76" 135.0 1280 1312 1376 1664   1024 1026 1034 1066 -hsync -

Depth is 16. FWIW, monitor is a Ilyama Vision Master 17.

Jim Hague - jim.hague@insignia.com (Work), jim@bear-cave.org.uk (Play)
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