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trouble with Debian/Potato on Sparc 5...


Today I was trying to build PINE v4.33 from source (the real source from
UW), with no luck. Can't located the 'ncurses' library when trying to
build giving the 'slx' port name to the PINE 'build' script.

However, something has happened which caused the machine to crash, perhaps
X-related since the machine only has 32 MB of RAM at present, and now that
I've gone through the disk with fsck it will not reboot into multiuser
mode, stopping at the point where is displays:

Recovering nvi editor sessions... Done.

The machine can be pinged, but that's about all. If I abort the kernel and
run 'sync' the video mode changes and some messages look to be displayed
about some sort of errors, then it drops back to the Sun bootROM 'ok'
prompt again.

I will probably just re-install since I haven't installed much extra
software, etc. since the first install, but it doesn't provide an answer
to why the system failed.

I can tell the system is doing something because approximately every 20
seconds there is some brief disk activity. I'm unable to log in remotely
since the kernel hasn't got far enough into the multiuser startup to be
running sshd.

Can I boot single-user from the CD and gather any information about the
damage to the installed system on the SCSI drive that way?



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