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Re: Some information

On Mon, May 14, 2001 at 05:15:30PM -0300, Rodrigo Mamoru wrote:
> Hi Sparc Users!
> I am a newbie on the sparc distro.
> I got the SPARC-HOWTO, and read-it fastely....
> so, in an Ultra-5, the base system was fine.
> But the X....
> I saw that here, has lot of discussion about mouse, keyboard and video problems.
> Someone make some notes, and create a mini-tutorial for Potato 2.2r2 on Ultra5?
> If yes, could send me?

It's pretty simple. Install the xserver-mach64 package, copy the
XF86Config example from /usr/doc/xserver-mach64/ to /etc/X11. Edit it
(it has lots of comments), and it should work pretty well.


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