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Re: Network booting issues

Hi again,

Andreas Jaehnigen <jaehnias@ims.uni-stuttgart.de> writes:

> 	mv vmlinuz-2.2.14 vmlinuz-2.2.14.gz
> 	gunzip vmlinuz-2.2.14.gz
> 	elftoaout -o vmlinuz-2.2.14.net vmlinuz-2.2.14

Ok, that gives me a network bootable kernel.  I tested it, it works.
So it seems that I have set up some things correctly.

> If you have any further questions, please ask, I'd be glad to help you.

Ok, here goes:

Now the network booted kernel complains: no nfs server found (or
similar) and wants a floppy inserted.  Note that I made sure to have
the client root directory prepared on the server, it is exported, and
there is a link to /tftpboot/<client-ip-address>.  I tested (both with
nfs-server or nfs-kernel-server packages installed on the server) that
I can mount /tftpboot/<client-ip-address> on the client when it is
booted from local disk.

In the NFS-Root Mini-Howto I read that one also has to write root
device to the kernel (using nkl with NFS option or rdev with a
temporary mknod /dev/nfsroot b 0 255), but nkl doesn't work ("File is
not a kernel image.") and rdev doesn't seem to be available.  What
now?  Why isn't the kernel trying to mount client root from the server
it got the kernel from, from the default location (which I have not
changed), as it is supposed to?

Thanks a lot so far,

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