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Re: hosed my[self] nvram?

On Wed, 9 May 2001, Andrew Sharp wrote:

> This is a hardware question, but maybe someone on the list could
> help.  I have an SS20 without a monitor.  One day recently I grew
> impatient and attempted to set the speed of the serial port to
> 57600.  Since then I have had zero success communicating with the
> machine, no matter what speed I set the corresponding port to.
> Is there a special way to reset the nvram settings to their
> default?  I have a keyboard hooked up.

There is. Hold down the stop and 'n' keys when you power the machine on,
and they bootROM will detect this and reset the NVRAM parameters to
default settings. This should also reset all the settings related to the
serial ports, so you should get something with a 9600 bps terminal after
you do the keyboard trick. Might need a framebuffer installed to guarantee
it works though (assuming you aren't using a VSIMM with the onboard
SX/cg14), so try and see.

The box I've just installed Debian on in a Sparc 5 and it's NVRAM is
cactus. I have to do the stop-'n' trick to get the bootROM code to start
up. Tis a pain, but the machine usually stays running all the time, so
once it's up it doesn't matter. Strangely enough, the ethernet address,
etc. are not being lost, so I think the device itself is faulty since the
lithium cell that runs the RTC and keeps the RAM alive is obviously not
running out of charge...



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