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Re: X on Sun Blade 100

Hi Isaac

Am Thu, May 31, 2001 at 02:47:00PM -0400 hat isaac jones getippert:
> I successfully installed Debian on a Sun Blade 100 last night. For some
> reason, I could not boot from the floppy drive as "boot floppy" just
> gives an error message (something like "cannot open boot device") and
> doesn't even try to access the drive. "test floppy" did access the drive
> and returned without saying anything.
> So a net boot and ftp install worked well. I'm using sid.

I am completely new to the world outside i386 and I am going to
get a Sun Blade 100 in a few weeks too. Could you point me to
some sort of install HOWTO (including the basics) or give the
few most important points here?


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