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Re: Sparc Port

* Warren Anthony Stramiello <gte704i@prism.gatech.edu> [010509 08:59]:
> I was just wondering if anyone has had any luck installing the Sparc port,
> and if so what hurdles I should expect when I put it on one of my friend's
> systems.

I have it installed on most of the 12 SPARC machines I have here of
varying shapes and sizes... it's straightforward if you know Sun

> In addition is it only for the 32bit chips, or also for the 64bits?

It's for both... you'll use a different kernel on each, but the rest
(userspace) is pretty much the same.

> Just wondering what other people's experiences were, in the hopes of
> gleaning enough info to not hose my friends system first time. 

Well, which machine is it?  We can tell you if there are any special
things to watch for on the machine.

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