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Re: Internet connection

On Thu, May 24, 2001 at 12:17:11AM +0100, bill wrote:
> Re Debian
> I have been installing potato for the last few days and i am trying to sort
> the bugs.
> I am having problems with the pppd. Can only run it as root but Debian does
> not allow root netscape access.
> I have installed linuxconf and tried to add a user to the pppusers. There is
> something stopping it happening.
> What software do I need to add a user to the pppusers.
> Thanks in advance

You'll have to add the user who you want to be able to make ppp connections
to the groups "dip" and "dialout", I believe.  You can do this either
by editting /etc/groups directly (or with "vigr"), or by using adduser:
  adduser USER1 dip
  adduser USER1 dialout


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