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Re: news on sun blade 100 yet ?

On Sun, May 06, 2001 at 05:04:22AM -0700, Joshua Uziel wrote:
> * Bruno Waes <bruno.waes@oxygenetic.com> [010506 01:55]:
> > is someone already runnding debian on a sun blade 100 yet ? i have
> > seen one in action and i would really like one, but i want to be able
> > to run debian on it too.
> Currently, only the latest of the latest 2.4.4+ kernels _from_cvs_ will
> support the Sun Blade 100, AX1105, and Netra X1...
> Running Debian on a Sun Blade 100 is doable, but will not work out of
> the box (so to speak)... you'll need to take extra steps to install it,
> and the machine is still not 100% supported... but getting there.

I'm trying to keep the Debian sun4u kernels in sync with CVS. Right now
the 2.4.4 kernel images should work on Blade-100 (minus the framebuffer
support since that is a pretty recent addition to CVS).

I tried making some boot disks for Dave, but our boot floppy setup
assumes that the kernels need to be placed on a rescue floppy, when I
have no intention of making such images for sun4u (only supporting
netboot and cd booting). The 2.4.x kernels wont fit on a floppy with
minimal driver support built in. So I need to redo the boot disk build
to work with this fact.

When I have a set of install disks that can support Blade-100/1000, I'll
post to this list.


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