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Re: SMP on a SPARC20

On Thu, May 10, 2001 at 05:21:50PM -0400, Mark Mohrmann wrote:
> I find myself getting bogged down in the documentation on
> compiling a kernel to take advantage of the 2nd CPU I have
> in my Sparc20. Never having attempted anything of the sort
> before I am suitably humbled and anxious about such an
> attempt.
> I notice however in scanning through the dselect packages
> that there is an Opt-base kernel-image package, described
> as a "binary image for SMP sun4m and sun4d". Is it possible
> that simply installing this package will give me a SMP
> kernel? Sounds too simple after wading through mounds of
> compilation documentation. Can anyone shed some light.

If you have the stock kernel image installed, then the one you are
looking at in dselect is the same, except that it supports SMP. So yes,
install it, and reboot, and you should have SMP enabled.


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