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2.2r3 CDROM fails to boot on SS20

I swear I've seen this one before on this list, but I can't seem to
find it in the archives.

the computer says:


I say


and it says

failed, can't find image /boot/sun4cdm/linux

What's the fix for this?  Hack my own cdrom?  ~:^)  This file is a
symlink to the real thing, which is there, of course, but do
symlinks work with the iso file system libraries that are used to
build silo?  I guess that is the question.

I'm not particularly psyched to make my own CD ... so much
documentation to read.  Is it an El Torito?  If not, I guess it
would be pretty easy.

The 2.2r0 cdrom works just fine.


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