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Re: New set of boot-floppies for woody (well, sid)


just done it.
piggyback is working ok. tilo didn't tested.
one thing. never said that it should be 4 byte aligned and programs didn't
do this correctly.
my first tftpimage halted with no message.

now I'm installing Debian 2.2 on my sparcstation 2.
may be later try this with woody or sid. but the most important it's
working at last ;-D.

as I said before I ahve problems with tilo tftpimages.
don't know how to made one with linux-a.out and root.bin from distrib..
but do it with my own vmlinuz and root.bin from potato.

thanks for help.. especially for piggyback infos. :-D

Artur Górniak <josh@josh.wcss.wroc.pl>

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