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Re: X on Sun Blade 100

Philipp Frauenfelder <philipp.frauenfelder@swissonline.ch> writes:

> I am completely new to the world outside i386 and I am going to get
> a Sun Blade 100 in a few weeks too. Could you point me to some sort
> of install HOWTO (including the basics) or give the few most
> important points here?

It's actually not too tricky.  You just have to follow the TFTP
booting installation instructions carefully:


You'll need the tftpboot.img from Ben's woody b-f directory:


Once you get the RARP and TFTP server set up correctly, just boot the
sparc, type 'Stop-A' when you see the OpenFirmware screen, and type
'boot net' at the OF prompt.

The sparc should snarf the boot image over the network, and you should
be dumped into the Debian installer; after that, you can install
everything else from the network (HTTP, NFS, etc).

I must say, the blade 100 looks like quite a nice deal for a 64 bit

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