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Re: New Woody 2.3.2 boot images for sparc, need testing...

On Sun, May 13, 2001 at 08:25:57PM -0700, David S. Miller wrote:
> Ben Collins writes:
>  > Well I noticed on the 2.2 kernel that the A address for "end" and "_end"
>  > were the same, and the 2.4 kernel has the _end symbol. I tried using
>  > that, but still get Illegal Instruction off the bat.
> This is the correct fix eventhough it did not fix the problem.
>  > So, I resorted to piggyback, but damn if that doesn't work either. So
>  > far, the only thing I've been able to get to work is booting directly
>  > off an a.out kernel image.
> Can you send me the ramdisk image which you used?  I'd like
> to reproduce it here and fix it.  This seems to be the core
> problem, but I need a ramdisk image to work on the bug.

At the URL below is the compressed ramdisk:


FYI, I added some (much needed) debugging output to TILO. It gets
completely through TILO main() and back into crt0.S (so the kernel image
is decompressed, and memmove'd, and the address returned). The "Fast
Data Access MMU Miss" happens when it jmpl's to the address returned by

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