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Re: Ultra 5/Mach 64 video strangeness

On 10-May-2001 Ben Collins wrote:
> Well, I've had this X session on my Ultra5 up for several days, doing
> mozilla, gnucash, koffice, etc...It's something specific to your setup.
> Can you send your modeline? You can get a decent modeline for default by
> using "fbset -x" and copying the output to XF86Config, and referencing
> it. That way your X modeline matches your terminal modeline.

Nice idea. Tried it. Left X running over the weekend, abeit with only gtkcd
(and xscreensaved on BSOD) as a client.

The screen wacked out at 12 today, with the symptoms as described before.
Logged in over telnet, everything still running. 'fbset -i' looks sensible:

mode "1280x1024-76"
    # D: 134.880 MHz, H: 81.058 kHz, V: 76.039 Hz
    geometry 1280 1024 1280 3251 8
    timings 7414 271 49 32 2 64 8
    hsync high
    vsync high
    csync high
    accel true
    rgba 8/0,8/0,8/0,0/0

Frame buffer device information:
    Name        : ATY Mach64
    Address     : 0xe1800000
    Size        : 4186112
    Type        : PACKED PIXELS
    Visual      : PSEUDOCOLOR
    XPanStep    : 8
    YPanStep    : 1
    YWrapStep   : 0
    LineLength  : 1280
    MMIO Address: 0xe17ff800
    MMIO Size   : 2048
    Accelerator : ATI Mach64GT

So tried 'fbset 1280x1024-76' and that locked the machine. The IP stack
appeared to be still running - responded to pings, outside connections would
connect but not start server.

In case anybody can spot some equipment/software commonality:

Darwin+ DVT2 motherboard, 270MHz, 64Mb, 4.3Gb HD (standard Ultra5, I believe).
All software current Debian potato, except 2.4.5-pre1 kernel from vger CVS.
Gnome, WindowMaker.
Running various wterms (WindowMaker derivative of rxvt), gtkcd, xemacs,
Netscape and xfmail at the time.

Jim Hague - jim.hague@insignia.com (Work), jim@bear-cave.org.uk (Play)
Never trust a computer you can't lift.

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