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Re: Ultra 5/Mach 64 video strangeness


I've had debian installed on a few machines in my lab for a while, with
the X server configured, and had no ill effects.  All are using a Sun
21" monitor and have been running for several months.

Also .. it might be worth mentioning that I have no trouble with the
RedHat distribution on this SPARC.  I've not tried any other

Not much help .. but at least you know it is not a common problem on my

--- Patrick Morris <trick@adonis.net> wrote:
> Just wondering if anyone else has run into this -- can't find any
> references
> to it anywhere, which surprises me.
> I've got a couple Ultra 5s here that I've tried installing Debian on
> (several times...  everything from Woody to Potato to Sid, maybe
> others).
> I can get through the install OK, and everything APPEARS to work
> correctly.
> For a while.
> After some random amount of time, the X display will freak out, and
> go
> sorta snowy on me.  Ctrl-Alt-Bkspcing out gets me back to the command
> line,
> but that's all screwed up, too.  It almost looks like the monitor's
> lost
> synch (It's a Sun 21", btw, on the off chance that this is a monitor
> problem
> and not an Ultra 5/Mach 64 one, though I'm relatively sure I didn't
> have 
> this monitor yet the first time I ran into the problem).  For what
> it's 
> worth, everything works like a charm under Solaris.
> This happens consistently on both my current Ultra 5s, and used to
> happen 
> on one I've no longer got here.  Also, it's not a problem that's
> specific 
> to Debian, as I get the same weirdness with Red Hat and SUSE (which
> I've 
> tried in attempts to get around the problem).  Oh, yeah, Corel, too.
> It just amazes me that something I've been able to reproduce on at
> least
> three (relatively common) boxes doesn't seem to be talked about 
> anywhere...  Any suggestions?
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