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Problems when "cloning" an hard-disk

Hello all!

I have a Sparc IPX with with two hard-disks, an external (slow!) 2 GB hd
for the OS (Debian GNU/Linux potato) and an internal hd mounted as
I want to "clone" my existing system on a new disk. What I have done is:

1. I have substituted the internal disk with the new one;
2. I have booted the present system, partitioning and formatting the new
hd (/dev/sdb). 
I have not forgot to have a "whole disk" partition (/dev/sdb3) and I
have created 3 other partitions on this disk for /, /home and swap.
3. Then I have mounted /dev/sdb1 as /mnt/new-disk/, copying the old fs
on the new disk:
'cp -ax / /mnt/new-disk'. I have also checked everything and the copy
seems fine.
4. I have finally edited /mnt/new-disk/etc/fstab to reflect the new
hard-disk partitioning scheme.
5. (I have also copied the /home partition on the new system, but I
think this has nothing to do with what I am describing here.)

What I have done is basically the same that I did on my pc at home
without any problems. The main difference is that here I have not run
'silo' after changing fstab.

However, when I try to boot off the new hd (physically removing also the
connection to the external disk), I get this error message:
"Boot device: /sbus/esp@0,800000/sd@1,0 File and args:
The file just loaded does not appear to be executable.
Type b (boot)..."

It goes without saying that probe-scsi correctly recognizes the hd and
that the scsi id is right. I have also tried to enable/disable bus
termination on the hd with no result.

What am I doing wrong?


      | Windows NT has detected that there were no errors |
      | for the past 10 minutes. The system will now try  |
      | to restart or crash. Click the OK button to       |
      | continue.                                         |
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