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Re: Fujitsu sparc based machine doesn't work with Debian

Fujitsu CPUs (SPARC64-III and IV) are made according to the SPARC V9
specification. However, because the spec. doesn't define the MMU and
the RAS (and others) exactly, these CPUs adopt other mechanism to 
differentiate them from UltraSPARCs.

Anyway, they get along with the spec. and that's why Solaris can
run after modifying the architecture dependent portions. (FJ team
keeps porting them and maintaining them.)

Actually Fujitsu already ported Linux to test their CPUs in the
early development stage. It was done by the FJ HW guy, but it is not
GPL's one. However, the change is limited to MMU portions and it's not
a big deal.(though you have to know the difference. It might be headache.)

If you want to know the specification of Fujitsu CPUs, please check 
the SPARC international Web page. 



Eiji Ota

P.S. If we can get the approval from the company, I hope we can
     make the Linux source code in public, but I can't gurantee we 
     can do that.

> Hi!
> I'm completelly new to sparc, I have just helped installing one once, so my
> background on sparc related stuff is nearly none.
> The thing is that I've been requested to install Debian on a Fujitsu, this
> is the data I could gather on booting the machine with Debian Potato 2.2r3
> FUJITSU GP7000F Model 200
> Sparc 64-III 224Mhz
> OpenBoot 3.11H 256MB Mem.
> ...
> SCK Version 2.1.D RCI V
> Boot device: /pci@if,4000/ebus@1/ldthree
> SILData Access Exception
> %TL:1 %TT:30 %TPC:380328 %TnPC: 38032c %TSTATE: 800001e01
> %PSTATE 1e (IE:1 PRIV:1 AM:18 EF:1)
> D-FAR 0
> D-FTR: f675 (W:1 PRIV:1 ASI:67 FTYPE:f)
> I also tried boot-floppies from woody just in case but got the same result.
> I don't know how can I bypass this SILO problem, well at least that's what
> looks to me as the kernel hasn't been started, but as I told you, I know
> nothing about sparc stuff. So... any help would be apreciated.
> I think it is a good chance to get debian to boot this kind of machines, a
> little weird I think, or so it seems to me.
> If you need any more info I'll try to gather it when I'll go there again.
> Thank you very much in advance.
> Regards...
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> Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net
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