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Re: Netscape on Sparc

>>>>> Mark Mohrmann writes:

    > This newbie is having problems installing Netscape on a Sparc20.
    > I've downloaded and dpkg'd the 2 .deb files netscape-common*.deb
    > and netscape-navigator*.deb, but it's not working.

I presume you are running testing or unstable?  As far as I can tell the 
existing version of Netscape 4.5 for Linux/sparc will not work on
either, due to an incompatibility with glibc 2.2.x.  Stable (potato)
has glibc 2.1.3, which works fine.  After learning this, I downgraded
my system from testing to stable.  Now Netscape Navigator works for me.

    > There are evidentally "issues" with Netscape for Sparc. Can
    > anyone kind of give me the big picture on getting it going? I'm
    > not into any heavy duty compiling yet so just a general overview
    > of the main issues might point me in the right
    > direction. Thanks.

The other option is SunOS emulation.  I still don't have that set up
(don't have the right SunOS libraries), but it's not a high priority
for me now that I have the native Netscape running.

Good luck.


Kelsey Jordahl

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