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Re: semi-OT kernel compile question

Hi. I'm trying to compile a new kernel for netbooting my SPARCstation ELC but I keep running into a wall when it comes to mounting the root filesystem.

Everything works fine (booting from my SS20) with a precompiled kernel from helllabs.org, but my own builds always die on VFS kernel panics when it tries to mount the root FS.

I *know* the problem...according to every HOWTO in existance, one must turn on the "Root filesystem as NFS" option in the kernel config. The *problem* is that I can find no such option in the 2.2 (or just ot of curiosity, 2.4) kernel tree.

Any ideas?

Try turning on kernel mode IP interface auto-configuration first. Then the option for enabling NFS root should appear. At least it does for me when I use the menu driven
configuration for 2.2 or 2.4 .

It does require that you set up a BOOTP/DHCP server somewhere or that you pass the ip=xxx
parameter to the kernel to work right which is no fun.


Luis Ortiz
Luis F. Ortiz

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