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potato r3 installation on a SparcClassic


I'm trying to install potato r3 on my Sparc Classic (49.76 BogoMIPS,
64MB RAM, 500 MB hd), but I've run into a few problems.

First of all, the scroll lock comes on randomly during all points of
the installation I got through.  This was pretty annoying, but I could
use Control-Q to turn it off (only to have it come back on again in a
few seconds or two minutes).

More seriously though, I can't get past the installation over HTTP.  I
set up my ia32 server (named neutral) as a TFTP server with the
sun4cdm image, and the classic (which will be named special-k) booted
from it into the installer just fine.  From there, I told it to use
DHCP, and it seemed to pick up the IP address from neutral (neutral is
also running a DHCP server) and configure the interface, but I
couldn't resolve host names.  So I switched to VT2, and I noticed that
/etc/resolv.conf was a symlink to /target/etc/resolv.conf, which was a
symlink to ../tmp/resolv.conf, which didn't exist.  So I created it,
and I could ping http.us.debian.org from VT2.

However, the installer just hung when I told it to fetch the
rescue.bin and drivers.tgz over HTTP from http.us.debian.org.  So, I
placed those files on neutral, and the installer seemed to grab the
rescue.bin correctly (the progress bar went all the way to the right),
but it just hung there.

And that's where I'm currently stuck.  I have to admit that I'm rather
mystified, because I did a potato r0 install for a friend on similar
hardware, which went flawlessly (it didn't have the scroll lock
problem, either).

Any help would be appreciated; Getting special-k running potato would
give me a nice firewall, and also help further my goal of having a
machine for every Debian port in my apartment :)

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