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Re: reiserfs empirical study (very long)

On Thu, May 31, 2001 at 03:57:52AM -0700, Andrew Sharp wrote:
> I was misquoting someone else when I said it had endian problems. 
> My bad.  I should have said that it has powerpc problems, but don't
> take that as gospel, because I'm just parroting someone else.

It used to have ppc problems. the CVS dev tree hasn't had ppc-specific
complaints for at least a week.

> As
> for sparc, they say that you can't build a 2.4[.2] kernel on sparc32
> right now, so that leaves me out.

The dev tree is now 2.4.5:
Linux photino 2.4.5-xfs #14 Wed May 30 17:01:36 EDT 2001 i586 unknown

> I even tried SGI's xfs kernel
> source (on my sparc32 system), it demands egcs-2.91.66 to build, as
> if.  I think maybe I'll try it on the ol' powermac ....

I used to demand that. I've been using the gcc from unstable for over a month
without a single issue. It even supposedly builds and runs (with some
corruption issues ;) with redhat's latest gcc 2.96.

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